Embrace AGE !

Live LIFE !!

Stop Giving A FUCK !!!

'My contemporary, powerful and success
oriented coaching counselling and mentoring
style will shift you from passive to effective
and help provide clarity, focus and positive
momentum to effect dynamic and revolutionary
changes in work leisure family and
relationships and life-style'



Face to Face - On-line - Telephone Counselling, Life Coaching and Mentoring

Are you ready to Embrace Age, Live life and Stop Giving a Fuck to make long

lasting and positive changes in your life?    (Yes)

Are you ready to take the first step to extraordinary achievements?    (YES)


Are you ready to work towards better mental health greater well-being and wealth and success, and enjoy loving relationships, grow in confidence, and experience true joy and happiness and build a sense of purpose in your life.    (YES)

Are you ready to start living the lifestyle you crave with satisfaction and inner peace?

(Did I hear a BIG FAT YES!)


If I did then, then you’re in the right place because by saying YES to Embracing Age, Living Life and not Giving a Fuck, YOU are saying 'YES to Your LIFE'


There is a good reason why you have connected with me -  and I am

excited that you have.


My name is Peter Leckie, I am passionate about people - and I am passionate about what I do as a Life Coach. 

I have a lifetime of personal experience in fields of  personal development, alternative healing, and spirituality.


My passion to help others comes from my own transformation and healing

and life's challenges. 

My life changed for the better 'when I decided' to change my life for the better'. 

It was the moment I said to my self - "You know what, I don't Give a Fuck about that" And my decision to stop giving a fuck about that one single thing 

shifted my destiny.

And as a result, I stopped giving a fuck about a lot more things that I shouldn't really have given a fuck about in the first place.

 Now I am going to help YOU to make that same shift for the better.


By overcoming my own difficulties, in relationships, well-being, work, and loss and a shed load of other of life's little turmoil's, I’ve been able to help a lot of folk both here and around the world. 


This is because of my instinctive desire to help people and the desire to truly inspire others so they can reach their maximum potential. 

I love excellence and I want you to have an excellent life - It’s not easy, but it can be fun, and it is extremely rewarding 


Under normal circumstances You would have had  a number of options, as well as the more traditional office based sessions, you would have been able to arrange to have your session anywhere you felt the most comfortable be it a cafe, on a bench in a park while feeding the ducks - or an hotel lobby, but these are not normal times. 

So all sessions are being held online via Skype, Email, Instant Messaging or WhatsApp or other media. 

However my work ethic remains the same - it is to love, to heal, to inspire, and to help YOU be as abundantly wealthy in every area of YOUR life

as YOU possibly can be - 

And we can start YOUR journey together - Right here Right now. 

Peter Leckie


I provide an exceptional consulting service that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to start achieving results.

Personal Development Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling.

Chaplaincy and Support Service for victims of Psychic Trauma.

Master Classes, Talks and Seminars covering a broad spectrum the Psychic and Preternatural Sciences.

​Designers and Manufacturers of psychical tools and paraphernalia

​Specialist workshops on culture based witchcraft and faith based deliverance exorcism and ritual abuse

Crime scene and desecration analysis at locations where occult or ritual practices are apparent, implied or suspected.

Specialist independent evaluation and opinion service, for law enforcement, lawyers organisations and individuals

​Dedicated research and investigation department

​Corporate and private psychic events and fairs for clubs pubs and charities - including 'host your own at home'

Advisers to the Television Theatre and Film Industry

Press, News Agency and Media service


Get in Touch


Expert Guidance

Whether you're writing a script a book making a supernatural themed film or are putting together a documentary a news report or crime scene reconstruction.


If you need specific advice on authentic ancient occult ritual and practice, the clothing, the altar furniture and magical and ritual paraphernalia and words then you've clicked on the right site


I've provided my clients with a wide range of help and ideas and support

to bring their ideas and vision and projects to life - be it a feature film, a stage play or performance art ....


So if you want to find out more, get in touch - and then maybe we'll get together and have chat over a cup of coffee.

Implementation Planning

The Path to Success


Course Objectives

  • The aim of my Master Classes, Talks Workshops and Seminars is to inspire individuals to develop their skills and have the confidence to apply their gift for the benefit of others


  • To provide a safe supportive space in order to explore practice enhance and fulfill ones psychical knowledge


  • To increase awareness of the differences and potential benefits and difficulties when combining psychical techniques


  • To introduce gifted folk to new psychic skills that may benefit their good works


  • To support and guide those that seek a deeper knowledge of personal and spiritual fulfillment


  • To look at the practical issues surrounding perceptions of the psychic in modern society


  • To look at the patterns and effect that different areas of psychic awareness have on an individuals daily professional life


  • To explore ways of identifying avoiding and dealing with potential mental health issues of both clients and practitioners.


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Claire Road Halifax West Yorkshire

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